The Great
Harry Hillman


The Great
Harry Hillman


The Great Harry Hillman is a band evolving from Switzerland’s pulsating experimental underground music scene. A quartet achieving that telepathic level as an improvisatory unit – channeling the emotional truth of the moment.

Their concerts may feel like a trip or disruptive voyage; teetering between the lyrical, the surreal and the caustic noise. This adventure is created in real-time, transient scenes resulting from free improvisation around composed themes.

Trippy jazz with a neat amount of punk, performed by an ensemble which is constantly searching for their musical identity, absorbing the contemporary to morphing it into something beautiful and beautifully discomforting at the same time.

The Great Harry Hillman has been playing together for 14 years and recorded four albums which have been released on various labels such as Cuneiform Records.

Nils Fischer – bass clarinet
David Koch – guitar
Samuel Huwyler – bass
Dominik Mahnig – drums


30.03.2023 Bird's Eye Basel 


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